Little Moments of My Summer

Summertime! It’s already moving by so quickly! I have had a very blessed summer so far, with lots of time with friends & family (reunited time after our quarantine ended), and just wanted to do a fun photo dump of little moments and memories so far. ❤

I had fun dyeing a pair of white shoes pink a few weeks ago, which is the photo above. Aren’t they fun & bright?

We went to the strawberry farm just a few miles away from our home in June with some friends, and I (Hadassah) took some photos of my little adorable sister! She’s just the cutest. ❤

Willa (the baby of my nine siblings) and I had a lot of adventures together over quarantine and my photos are filled with little moments of her around our farm! Ack her cheeks + chub! 😍 (And that whale spout… gahh!)

It’s funny that I just did an unboxing of homemade envelopes, because a few weeks before that, I had a fun afternoon making some envelopes out of old home magazines. I picked up the old magazines at my library, and I love how they turned out! #pinterestforthewin

These cute little watercolor cards have been one of my favorite things to do lately. 😍

This one was one of my favorites that I did on IG. ❤

I tried the kitchen scraps thing as part of my eco 2020 project , and it was neat seeing little things grow in the windowsill! (Celery and lettuce were the only ones we tried.)

Savannah and I spent Independence Day together which was sooo much fun! We went to a nearby river and had lots of fun jumping from a rope swing into the water… terrifying, but fun! xD (The shorts, hat, + swim shirt I’m wearing were borrowed, so not a super flattering outfit, but it worked 😉 I just love Savannah’s top!) It was also the first time we’d seen each other since March, so it was wonderful to catch up with her!

How’s your summer going? Favorite part so far?


6 thoughts on “Little Moments of My Summer

  1. Heaven says:

    It was nice to get a glimpse into your summer! It looks like you are have a great one thus far. 😉 And your little sister is absolutely adorable!
    My summer has been great! Though the circumstances are still a bit odd (still on quaratine), it hasn’t been bad either. I think my favorite part so far is doing the National Bible Bee Summer Study. It has been amazing to learn how to study God’s Word for myself and learn more about Trust on a more in-depth level from a story I’m very familar with (the life of Joseph). God has been teaching me SO much and I just cannot get enough of it! ❤ I have also "met" some people through it, so it has been fun studying/learning together in a sense!


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