Hadassah’s Hair Care 101 // Long, Curly & Wild

Hey everyone!

I honestly have wanted to do this post forever! Having hair that’s over two feet long, I get hair questions a LOT, so today I wanted to answer most of them in one post, and talk some about daily care and what it’s like to have my curly, long, kind-of-hard-to-keep-under-control hair. xD


  1. How often do you wash your hair? Typically I wash my hair every other day, depending on if I’m home or if I have some social event.
  2. What shampoo and conditioner do you use? I did try natural shampoo over quarantine (honey water and apple cider vinegar) as part of my experiment with minimal waste… but my hair was SO greasy and even after three months, I didn’t see much change except… more hair growth. Yeah… my hair got longer, haha! I switched back to big bottles of conditioner we get from Costco. I don’t typically use very much shampoo at all. I know a lot of girls use special things for curly hair, but right now, this is is what works for me.
  3. Do you use the Curly Girl Method? I found this method and really love it! It’s made my hair so much more curlier. I just leave nearly all my conditioner in after washing, dry my hair with an old 100% cotton tee, and only comb my hair (and generally just near my part)- no brushing. Any tangles I get through in the shower.


  1. Have you ever cut your hair? Honestly, my hair’s been long since I was little and I’ve never really cut it except for dead ends. I typically trim the dead ends (my mom does this for me or I go to Great Clips) every 4-6 months. My older brother did cut my hair when I was little, which gave me bangs from the time I was about for years old to when they finally grew out, around seven. (Yes, we were playing barber, and no, I’ve never cut my own hair nor wanted bangs again!!)
  2. Do you ever want to cut your hair and get a new style? Honestly, no! In 1 Corinthians 11, Paul says a woman’s hair is her glory. I personally love having long hair. ❤


  1. What are daily hairstyles for you? In the peak of summer, my hair’s constantly in a messy bun! But I love side braids, ponytails, two banded braids, and sometimes a Princess Leia style with two buns. 😉
  2. What about church/fancier occasion hairstyles? For church I just do a fancier messy bun or low bun. In the winter I’ll sometimes leave my hair down, but Ohio summers are hot and my hair’s typically pulled up off my neck. For fancy occasions, usually a low bun works. I’ve actually loved sticking wildflowers in my hair recently… maybe I’m more of a flower child than I thought. xD

p.s. Pinterest has soo many long- hair hairstyles if you need new inspiration!


  1. Yes I’ve been called Miss Frizzle! My hair gets so frizzy in the summer and it’s hard to keep it all under control, haha. One trick I’ve learned is just barely rubbing my hands with coconut oil and running my hands through my hair. It helps keep the flyaways down and out of my face. I think my personality is sometimes reflected from my frizzy, curly hair, so sometimes I just leave it as it is and roll with it!
  2. What about your bad hair days? I wear a hat or flip it up in a messy bun.

If you have any more hair questions for me, I’d love to answer them! Leave me a comment below!


p.s. My loose cotton tee is a thrift store find; I live in cotton in the summer! XD

8 thoughts on “Hadassah’s Hair Care 101 // Long, Curly & Wild

  1. horsehappy14 says:

    wow! This was interesting to read! I actually have two questions for you, how long does it take you to shower and get all the tangles out? How do you detangle your hair/keep it from getting tangled?
    I have similar hair, and I have to take super long showers in order to get all the tangles out, and I always seem to get tangled hair…. my family isn’t happy with my shower taking habits, but I don’t know how to take care of my hair any other way. I do use the curly girl routine (sort of, at least), but my hair still gets very tangled, especially in winter.
    If you have any tips it would be much appreciated.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hadassah S. says:

      Sure Haley! Thanks for asking!
      My showers are usually around 5-10 minutes, depending on the day, lol. xD My hair actually doesn’t get super tangled (so thankful for that!), but I would suggest getting it really wet, dowsing it in conditioner, and using a wide comb first, then a thinner comb for any tangles leftover. Hope that helps! Tangles are so annoying!
      And ack, yes! Winter hair drives me crazy! xD

      Hadassah ❤


    • Hadassah S. says:

      Aww Magaidh, you are so sweet!! ❤
      I hope your hair will start growing too! Sometimes you just have to discover what it likes- and that takes forever. XD (Btw, love your new word lol!)


  2. Liam Andres says:

    Wow, that was awesome, Hadassah!

    I am totally sending this to my sister! Her hair has never been cut either, and sometimes she gets discouraged about keeping up with it because she feels like she’s the only one, and wondered if it’s really worth it. She also isn’t sure how to manage it at times, so I hope these new ideas help her! Found the article very interesting!
    Keep on living for the glory of God!


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