~What’s In My Makeup Bag~

Bonjour les amis! I (Savannah) hope you are all enjoying this beautiful, HOT summer weather that we have been experiencing here recently! It is absolutely beautiful!

So for a while now, since I wrote the post “A Different Kind of Fashion” about two years ago, I have been wanting to write a bit about what I do as far as makeup and what has gone into my makeup bag. I would never consider myself experienced. I would even say I am somewhat of a novice as far as the professional application of certain products. Truth-to-be-told, I have taught myself to use pretty much everything in my makeup bag… so all the products are SIMPLE, bare minimum, and at a beginner’s level. Nothing fancy at all! I just thought it would be fun, from one sister to another, for you all to peek into my makeup bag and my ‘secret 😂 makeup life.’ 😊

Important Note! We are all created in the image of our Creater and each one of us has the proclivity to make things beautiful. Highlighting God’s beautiful masterpiece (your lovely face) is fine!.. but don’t try to hide the natural, real beauty that God has given you! He is literally the most experienced beauty expert that there is. He is the King of beauty!!!👛💅.   God says that our beauty shouldn’t lie in our outward adornment (1 Peter 3:2-5). Your beauty should lie inside you, that gentle and quiet spirit, and shine outward revealing to everyone where you have put your trust. I have often looked at a girl and thought that she is the most beautiful girl I have ever met -and she wasn’t wearing any makeup or the most fashionable clothes. It was simply her beautiful spirit and kind, Christ-like words and personality.

Now, does this mean you have to be less than fashionable? Do we, as Christian young ladies have to be unattractive and out of style? Absolutely NOT! We can still be super fashionable and know where our beauty lies and where we should be putting the most emphasis in our lives. Highlight God’s work of art… don’t cover it!

On to my Makeup Bag!

The number one thing that I focus on, when it comes to buying makeup products, is keeping most of my products natural, without harmful ingredients. Studies have been done that show that some makeup actually speeds up the aging of your skin! Young ladies that pack on harmful products to enhance the look of their skin are actually harming it in the long run.

Bare minerals are really good and all natural makeup products…. but they are very pricey.  As a result, I have a few products from there, but also have a couple from other places. Bottom line, though, I strongly encourage everyone to get their makeup from bare minerals! That store is amazing!! 🙂


Primer: I have opted not to use any highlight, concealer, translucent powder, or contour in my makeup routine. However, I have been loving my primer… especially in this summer heat! This primer helps create a smooth base and makes it easy to apply my foundation. Also, I love how it keeps my makeup in place and looking freshly applied all day long, even when I am sweating. 🙂 Since I massage this all over my face (and in a thick layer around my nose and mouth) this is one product that I will always buy from bare minerals.

Foundation: This item can definitely be tricky. I know many people use liquid because their face is so dry, and others opt for powder due to oily skin. If you are like me, you may need powder and liquid foundation and in two colors. The ladies in Ulta beauty were trying to match my skin color and hue and could not do it for the life of them! lol! They decided that I needed about three different foundation colors for my face. However this is a bit expensive (but totally worth it!) and I just stuck with the powder Neutral Ivory 06. I got this container when I was fourteen and it is still very full two years later!

Blush: This blush is also bare minerals and is very light in this color! My mom didn’t like any of the darker blush colors on me because I have naturally pink cheeks. (Which can be so annoying at times, especially when you get embarrassed and your cheeks go from a natural pink to a dark nakabeni!) Truth to be had, most often I skip out completely on the blush when I wear makeup. However this is an essential to own and I love to wear it on more formal occasions.

Eye shadow: This is one area where I am not super picky about the quality of the product. Maybe I should be… but I am not. (I also don’t always decide I want to wear eye shadow. I wear eye shadow maybe once a week; possibly once a month, it really depends.) Personally, I like to wear a very light dusting of eye shadow… always, though, with a bit of sparkles! The eye shadow pallet in the two bottom pictures, the ‘Hard as Candy’, was actually a Christmas present from my parents and most likely was from Walmart. :/ However, I absolutely love the colors and wear this all the time!!! They are not too bright on my skin but do add a noticeable touch of color to my lids… plus it’s soooo SPARKLY!!! The Lamora Nudes Exposed (I so dislike the beauty products’ names!) can only be bought on Amazon and it is (or was) a best seller. It only has two matte colors and the rest have a slight glimmer. I love this pallet as well because it is really light and gives a complete looking shimmer to your lids, the colors blend so smoothly, and it is NOT chalky or sticky feeling like some pallets! I would highly recommend using both of these pallets!!


SPARKLES!: I did not like this eye shadow at first because it literally felt like lip gloss!!!! No lie! But it does dry nicely on your eye lids and the sparkles are so worth the weird feeling at first. I also realized later on that, because of the glossy texture, the placement of the sparkles can be exact. I recently received some gold and brown sparkles with a normal dust texture, but I found that I do definitely use this weird eye shadow a lot more. BTW, I got this from my older sister and have no clue where it is from…


Eye liner: This year is the first year my mom has allowed me to use eye liner and I have found that I really love it. I am not a ‘dark eye makeup’ kind of girl and, whenever I can, I opt for brown instead of black. I have found that brown gives so much more of the natural makeup look so i use it for both eye liner and mascara. My cousin recently showed me a more natural looking way to apply it and I found I can’t bring myself to wear eye liner any other way now. I can hardly tell that I am wearing eye liner, yet it makes my lashes look so much fuller! You simply start your thin line in the middle of your eye instead of the very inside corner. I am not saying that this look is for you, but you should totally give it a try sometime! 🙂


Mascara: I lovveee my Roller Lash mascara in brown! It is possibly the one makeup product that I use the most. The brush is curved and super unique looking! The bottom rounded end is for volumizing while the curved end is for lengthening. I love how this brush curls and gives my lashes a nice lift without getting really thick and gunky on my eyelashes. The downside to this product is that it is really weird to wash off…. and it is also extremely pricey. However, I say that it is totally worth the money and it is a non-harmful, natural mascara that I feel good about putting on my lashes!


My BrushesCan’t not mention the brushes! The large brush is my foundation brush and I got it with my foundation at Ulta beauty. It is so soft and I think I like it more than my actual foundation. It applies the powder so well and the thick brush never seems to get dirty like some other foundation brushes. The rest are my eye shadow brushes (all from Walmart) and I love all the differing lengths and thicknesses! Every time I put on eye shadow, I legitimately use them all and it adds so much to my eye shadow look. The longer three are ‘wet and wild’ and the little one is a ‘hard as candy’ exact brush.


Lip Smacker:)I have found that I have to have a brown, a pink, and a more neutral color lip stick in my makeup bag. I use all the colors sporadically and it depends largely on my mood, the place I am going, and the season! The pink is a bare minerals gloss in matte called ‘forbidden’. It looks so dramatic and it is my go to for more formal occasions. The Beekman is the best healthy lip balm ever and I can hardly use any other lip balm other than this. This particular one is not scented but Beekman has every scent imaginable. I always use this under every lip gloss or color, otherwise my lips will get so dry and cracked. Then last but not least, I have my good old Burt’s Bees! The first is a serious lip shimmer that matches my lips almost perfectly and the other is a nice natural brown color with a bit of sparkles. (I use the Burt’s Bees lip shimmer over my bare minerals all the time and really enjoy that look as well.)

Makeup Remover: Coconut oil! Coconut oil! Coconut oil! Okay…..but seriously, coconut oil!!! Nothing else will work for me. It is all natural, easy, and removes everything so easily! Even my very stubborn, weird mascara! And of course don’t forget the cotton rounds… what would we do without cotton rounds?


Eyebrow plucker: I love this little thing so much! It has a hard crystal tip that doesn’t let the little hairs slip, and it even has a flashlight in it if you are experiencing bad lighting. It is super easy to pack away in a bag and… honestly, lol, it makes me feel so fancy when I use it. That’s important when it comes to something as unpleasant as plucking your eyebrows. 🙂 My grandma gave this to me so I have no clue where it is from either….


And that is it! It is somewhat simple but all that I need… and more!

This amateur personally enjoys putting on a touch of makeup every once in a while… (I am such the girl) and am very thankful to everybody who has helped to buy the products that put my makeup bag together.

Now, I would really LOVE to hear from you all! Please let me know what you liked, what you love in your own makeup bag, questions, and/or any tips that you may have. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your HOT July! Love you all!

Many Blessings, Friends!                                                                                                           Savannah

6 thoughts on “~What’s In My Makeup Bag~

  1. Alice says:

    This was such a fun post! I love seeing what’s in other girls makeup bags! It would be fun if all the JY girls did a what’s in my makeup bag post!!! 😁😁😁


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alice says:

    What Brand is your brown lip shimmer? I’ve been looking for a good natural brown shimmer but not sure what I want. 😊



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