Favorite Books of 2020 // Eco, Home, & DIY

Hey everyone!

I did so much reading over quarantine and through this summer, and I thought it’d be fun to pull some of my favorites together. A lot of these books are good ‘coffee table’ reads, and I enjoyed a lot of them not only for the book- but for the aesthetic-ness (how do you say that, haha?) of them. I hope you’ll read them & love them as much as I did!

A Year Between Friends is based off the blog these two ladies started. Such an interesting read- they have gorgeous little photographs of each season and their letters to each other are fun too. Plus there’s some crafts and recipes as well!

I loved Everyday Watercolor soo much! No wonder it’s a #1 bestseller on Amazon. I enjoy watercoloring and have been slowly improving over the past two years. My mom has me doing art around the house, so I enjoyed learning techniques and things from this gorgeous book.

I’ve probably already mentioned this book at some point this year, but this one taught me a lot! Perfect if you’re a minimalist type or just-trying-to-get-my-closet-in-order type!

Can I just say how much I love this book? Martha Stewart is definitely a fav of mine, and this book is a perfect ‘kick off the New Year right!’ read.

No, I don’t have my own house, but when I do, I’ll be prepared with this book! 😉 The Home Edit was an awesome read and I enjoyed all the techniques and photos. It’s like Pinterest on paper!

The Clutter Remedy was one of those inspirational reads that makes you go clean up and organize things- even if it’s four o’ clock in the morning, haha!

I loveeee hand lettering and lately have found it’s really therapeutic! There’s so many hand lettering ideas out there, but I really enjoyed this one.

Who doesn’t love Joanna Gaines? I enjoy all her books, but just loved her insight in this one! She’s an amazing designer.

Ack this one was so good! It makes me want to get married straight out of high school and have all the babies and a big garden and a big white farmhouse. xD Haha, such a good one!

This one’s not only about organizing and home, but very eco-friendly too! And the photos are just beautiful. (If you know me, you know I’m all about eco-ness lately!)

Good ol’ Martha Stewart again! Definitely one to have on my future coffee table. She covers EVERYTHING, y’all!

Loveeedd this one! Perfect for any zero-waste beginner. She also covers pretty much everything!

This book is STUNNING. The pictures are absolutely drool worthy. And I kinda want to be a flower farmer now. xD

I enjoy sewing, and this read was so pretty and fulfilled my DIY itch!

Country Living magazine is my absolute favorite magazine (Mary Janes Farm a close second- yes I’m a farmgirl and proud of it!), and I adored reading this one. I love when people take old houses and give them new life!

A good read for anyone! She covers everything from daily throw-away items to just not buying SO much stuff.

I love the A Beautiful Mess blog, and this book is so cute! So inspiring and again, Pinterest on paper!

I have done a lot of mending this past year, and this book is so inspiring for anyone who wants more of a slow fashion pace.

Have you read any of these?


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