Honor’s Birthday Bash!

A few weeks ago, we had so much fun celebrating Honor’s birthday with English Country dancing (think Pride and Prejudice, but not quite so fluffy or formal, and much faster paced!), volleyball, and more fun. There were so many people there, including Julianne, Caroline, Savannah, Senait, and Hadassah. We thought instead of a usual ‘happy birthday’ post, we’d give you all some fun photos and a video of the crazy fun we had that night!

The evening started with a volleyball warmup – not that we needed much warming up, though – it was a very hot night! Despite this, everyone looks like they’re having a good time 😉 .

The photos aren’t super professional, but we thought it’d be a fun challenge if you guys could spot a few of us in there! Senait’s right in the middle there… about to go under one of the ‘bridges’ in an insane (-ly exhilarating!) dance called Waves of Tory.

Honor’s in the blue dress on the far right. ❤

Lots of cake! (You can spot Julianne, Savannah, Caroline, and Senait in there singing happy birthday 😉 )

We danced until we were nearly dead. No joke, haha! But it was fun and none of us wanted it to end!

And here’s a video to give you an idea of what we were doing! Clearly we’re not professional level, but it was far more fun messing up and tripping and starting over again than if we’d been perfect dancers 😉 .

There’s a sneak peek at our most recent celebration! Do you do any dancing? What type? Let us know in the comments below!

The JY team

7 thoughts on “Honor’s Birthday Bash!

  1. Grace says:

    That looks like so much fun!! I love dancing! I took a year of square dancing lessons a few years back and loved them, and then last fall I was able to take a few ballroom dance lessons and go to a civil war themed ball. I am not an accomplished dancer, but I do enjoy it!
    You guys should have some sort of a large dance where everyone just invites all the other homeschool families that you know! on second thought… that might be a several hundred people…that might not work… 😄😜


    • Honor Persing says:

      Hi Grace! Yes, we’ve actually talked about doing a big dance like that…our old church has an annual Christmas ball that’s a very similar idea, just more formal. A civil war ball sounds really fun! Did you get to dress up in costume?


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