Autumn Wardrobe Inspiration // Vl. 3

Mmm… autumn is just around the corner, and honestly… this is what I wait for all year long. The smells of pumpkin everything, cozy cardigans, leaves crunching between my boots… what’s not to love? It’s bliss! Plus, it brings my birthday, so I fall (haha, pun intended) a little bit more in love with this season.

Today I wanted to share one of my favorite outfit inspiration posts. I love fall fashion so much (too much!), and with all the layers, it’s super easy to make it modest!

I’ve discovered recently that tunics and long sweaters are perfect for doing more athletic things or crawling on the floor with babies. I love this look from The Sister Studio, and though I might choose a little bit of a longer tunic or sweater, it looks so comfy and autumn-ish!

Another comfy autumn look (from Modestly Speaking) that just makes me adore flannel all the more!

Ack, Roolee just has the cutest stuff!! Though I couldn’t find this particular dress on their website, they fill our Pinterest feed w/ so many adorable dresses and outfits… I just love the simplicity of this one. 😍

There’s always those warmer autumn days in between, and I love how the gray and brown compliment each other so well! Totally a look that I can see myself wearing. 😉 (from Kristine. Or Polly.)

Love this comfy look from Classically Courtney! The chunky cardigans have been a recent favorite of mine… I’m going to have to look around for some soon!

I adore the mixing of prints in this outfit… and her top knot is totally me. xD (from the Quarter Life Closet)

I’ve never tried the caramel + black look, but I love the coziness of her poncho. Doesn’t it look so comfy? And maybe caramel is just what I’m missing out on for autumn colors. (from Caroline Joy)

Not only do I loveeee her hair 😂 , (seriously though!), I also just love the tee! (from Böhme)

When it comes to autumn shoes, I always stick to the same pair of brown knee-high boots… but lately, I’ve been wanting to branch out. These shoes are so perfect for fall! (Kodiak Alma Chelsea Boot)

I have yet to try the tasseled earring look… though it seems I always put one into these volumes. 😂 Don’t these earrings just seem so fallish to you? (from Etsy)

What’s your favorite look?

// hadassah ❤ //

13 thoughts on “Autumn Wardrobe Inspiration // Vl. 3

  1. horsehappy14 says:

    Nice post! i like the fall tunic idea!! I just don’t have any sweaters, cardigans, or money though (to buy one). I literally have one hot pink tunic thing… not to fall-ish. 😦 lol.
    Anyways, I like this post!


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