Magaidh’s Modest Fashion Inspiration // Autumn 2020

Hello everyone! Please tell me I’m not the only one that is about to EXPLODE from the excitement of it being Fall!!! This is my favorite season, and already the weather is just perfect, and I’m enjoying every breath and minute of it.

One of the things I really love about Fall is the cozy and cute clothes you get to wear! So in today’s post I’ll share some modest Fall fashion inspiration with you. Just looking at these adorable outfits makes me feel warm and cozy inside. 😉

All of these photos came from Pinterest– they are not mine. 🙂

(Sorry some of the images are so tiny, by the way!)

Not all Autumn days are cool, at least not where I live! It’s still good to have some pretty short-sleeved options too.

I think this outfit is super cute, and I love the pattern of the dress! It seems dressy, but not too dressy– which I really like.

SWEATERS!!! I seriously love sweaters. And aren’t these two just the cutest?!

I thought this scarf style was really unique and pretty! I wish I could crochet or knit well enough to make one… Can you knit or crochet?

Love this blouse! The high collar is super cute, and I love the Edwardian influences in the design.

I think this outfit is so cute because of it’s simplicity– and I also love how it has a sorta “baggy” top, but it’s still fitted at the waist.

THIS.DRESS. Oh my word I love this dress. No, I don’t know where you can buy one. *sobs* Don’t you hate it when you find something that is just SO ADORABLE on Pinterest, but you can never find where it is sold?!

This coat looks so nice and cozy! I actually really like her whole outfit…

A vest is 100% on my list of things I want to get for this Fall. Look how cute!!!

This whole outfit is just adorbs!! And I love the white tights. Why is it that white tights are so hard to find nowadays?? Or is it just me?

Gotta have a cute hat! I think this cloche hat is very pretty.

Too cute!!! I love the idea of embroidering things onto your clothes, and here’s a great example of that! Plus– did you notice what book that is in the picture!!!??? ❤ ❤

I’ve started to notice more and more photos of girls wearing sleeveless or pinafore dresses, with a turtle-neck or a blouse underneath it, and I really love it! The photo above is a great example.

This dress is just so pretty and elegant! I love elegant-looking clothing.

Can’t go without a good pair of gloves! These ones are just too cute!

You can probably tell by now that I’m a huge fan of plaid. And this dress is just amazing!!

This pinafore dress and blouse is definitely on my “save-up list”! Plus it would really work well for any season, depending on how you accessorize!

I think browns are great for Fall– and they go so well with white or cream colored things!

This is probably a little more on the Winter side, but it’s so pretty!!!

Okay. I just seriously love this outfit so much!!! And I know it looks pretty old-fashioned, but I actually think it’s still wearable in modern times as well. Especially if you don’t wear the dress and the hat together (though they sure are adorable together!). And doesn’t that dress just look so warm and cozy?!

I’m really loving these short, vintage-inspired sweaters! I hope I can find some to purchase this Fall.

Wrist-warmers!!! Aren’t these COOL???

This outfit has some lighter colors than we normally wear in Fall, but it was too cute not to include. 😀

Which is your favorite outfit? What is your favorite thing about Fall? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Till next time!


11 thoughts on “Magaidh’s Modest Fashion Inspiration // Autumn 2020

  1. Honor Persing says:

    Oooh, Magaidh!!! I love your style inspirations – we have really similar tastes, I think (bought some Besame makeup on your recommendation, and I LOVE it ;]), and this gave me so much to drool over ;). I especially love the brown and blue outfit with those white tights…I hadn’t thought of combining those colors before, but now I’m off to scour my closet for brown and blue pieces to put together. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Magaidh Bryan says:

      Thank you so much Honor! I’m so glad you like them! And that is SO COOL that you got something from Besame on my recommendation, haha! What did you get??

      Yes, that outfit is so pretty! I would wear EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of these things! 😛


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