How To // Start A Hope Chest (And What’s In Mine)

Hey all!

I have talked a lot about hope chests in the past (which you can find here, here, and a video from a few years ago here), and today I thought I would give you all more of a how-to post- and just give you an insight on what is in my hope chest.


They’re not very popular today, but typically the idea is to save up things for your future home. This could mean anything from a dish set to a journal you want your future kiddos to see.

My chest* is filled with things that I’ve collected from antiquing and thrifting, as well as some items that have been gifted to me. I love items with history, so I typically shop more second-hand. I am definitely more of an old-fashioned girl at heart, so my chest is mainly filled with vintage kid’s clothing (not that I will dress my future [and hopeful] children in 100% vintage, but I’m going to try and be that cool mom that will wear vintage and modern together, haha) and pieces like it.

If you’re not an old-fashioned person, you can also totally fill it with more modern things! It is definitely a creative process. 😉

*not a real wooden chest yet, it’s a storage box for now*


  • versatile dishes (Karina loved collecting these for her home!)
  • kid’s clothes
  • baby items
  • things (books, toys, art…) from your childhood
  • linens
  • long-lasting kitchen items
  • handmade items
  • family heirlooms (such as a family Bible, etc.)


  • baby & little kid’s clothes
  • baby booties
  • recipe cards
  • a set of vintage baby blocks
  • a vintage apron
  • a tea canister set
  • a salt & pepper shaker set
  • several sets of cloth napkins
  • books (including a treasured cookbook & my favorite childhood book)

…and a few other little treasures!

It’s actually been pretty hard for me to find resources on hope chests, as they just really aren’t popular today. I fell in love with the idea when I was younger, and to be honest, still love it so much! I can’t wait for the *hopeful* day that I will have my own home and kiddos.

What are your thoughts on hope chests? Do you have one?

// hadassah ❤ //

8 thoughts on “How To // Start A Hope Chest (And What’s In Mine)

  1. Kaitlyn says:

    Great post! My Grandpa gave me and each of my sisters a Hope Chest of our own. He died when I was 2, and we don’t know if he was saved. So my hope chest is a hope in of its self, a hope to see my Grandpa in Heaven! It’s filled with heirlooms and baby things, and I love when I add to it! It is so much fun!

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