Holiday Style Inspiration // Vl. 2

I love this time of year! All the red and green and holiday styles… and I loved putting this fun look book together for you all. What would I do without Pinterest? XD

Without further ado, let’s get into some of my favorite holiday style inspirations this year!

The velvet skirt! I have yet to try this sort of style, but it looks so pretty. 😍

A more relaxed style, I love a good long tunic with leggings.

I love her dress and tights!

Very sophisticated. 😉 I also love her boots!

Love the vintage-ness! This one’s for you, Magaidh. ❤

It’s no secret I adore Roolee! This easy style is perfect for running to the post office or going grocery shopping for Christmas Eve!

This dress would be gorgeous for a Christmas party or yule ball!

Wow, I love this dress. Also, I always notice how bloggers seamlessly pull off heels… maybe I’m just not used to wearing heels yet. XD Where do you guys find comfortable heels? I’d love to wear more heels (haha, yes, I’m 5′ 2″), but never can find a good comfy pair.

what’s your favorite look?

// hadassah s. //

10 thoughts on “Holiday Style Inspiration // Vl. 2

  1. Caroline K. says:

    Love this post, Hadassah! My two favorite outfits are the first one with the white top and red skirt and the last one with the beautiful dress and heels!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hannah F. says:

    This is a fun post, thanks for sharing it! Personally, I love tunics with leggings and a pair of boots, and the dress from Roolee looks so pretty!


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