Can Christmas Be Cancelled? // Guest Post

“I’m so sick and tired of Corona,” a friend of mine recently said. “I just can’t take it any longer.” I nodded sympathetically. We’ve all been there, right? Then, she said something that made me stop. “And now they’re even cancelling Christmas.”
I frowned. “Cancelling Christmas?” I repeated.
Long after the conversation, the words still lingered in my mind. I couldn’t help but mulling it over. Christmas is cancelled? That question quickly led to another: Can Christmas be cancelled?
This article is not about criticizing the government. It’s not about us fighting for our rights. It’s not about looking at all the sides when it comes to gathering in Corona-times. This article is about Christmas. It’s about the core message, what Christmas is all about… and if it can be cancelled.

Christmas In Our Day & Age

It’s easy to see that Christmas in the last few years has become more and more picture-perfect. At least on the outside. Everything has to be “just right” for everyone to “feel the Christmas season.” You buy perfect décor; you bake perfect Christmas cookies; you go to Christmas parties – not to mention the Christmas service or the candle-light hymn-singing event.
But this year, in some places in the world, the shops are closed. Yes, you can always shop online, but it’s not the same. This year, there will be no community cookie-baking. Yes, you can always bake on your own, but that’s not the same. And equally so, this year, most Christmas parties and even services are cancelled. Yes, you can always meet with your friends through Zoom, but that is definitely not the same.
If I think of this Christmas, so much will be different. The hymn-singing? Cancelled. The Christmas crafts afternoon? Cancelled. The Advent-Special? Cancelled. The Christmas Day service? Cancelled. The Christmas dinner? Cancelled.
With all these events, it’s easy to think that Christmas itself was cancelled. The list itself may be different for you, but I’m sure it is equally long. So many things have been cancelled. So many things are postponed. But Christmas? Has Christmas been cancelled as well? And again: Can Christmas be cancelled?

What Is Christmas?

Christmas is the celebration of Jesus coming to earth. It’s remembering that Jesus humbled himself, to bring us the gospel. To point us to the Father. To preach the coming kingdom. And then, ultimately, to pay the biggest price ever. For us, out of love. So that we can once again come into the presence of God.
Christmas is the time we remember our Lord’s first coming and look to his second coming.
We all know that it is not about décor, about the gatherings, about the presents, about the events. Christmas, at its core, is not about any of that.
No, we may not be allowed to bake together, sing together, etc., but that’s not what Christmas is about. Yes, it does make Christmas special to meet with friends and family, but it’s not the real thing. Christmas is about so much more, about things much greater: Hope, love, joy.
And none of that can ever be cancelled.


Sarah Susanna Rhomberg is a child of God who lives in Europe and is fluent in both English and German. Besides writing she spends her free time reading, practicing her instruments, or doing crafts. She is involved in children’s ministry, which she enjoys a lot. Sarah wants to live her life for Christ and writes to glorify Him.

p.s. photo credits: Hadassah S. (2019)

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