Outfit // Simplicity (+ some honesty)

It has been a while since I’ve shared any outfit posts, mostly because I am not a professional blogger and I don’t have a professional photographer sitting around… so I have to do all my outfit photos by myself, with a timer, tripod, and my camera. Not as easy as it sounds, haha. XD

Half the time I try these outfit photos, I just can’t do it with my tripod. But the other Sunday I went out and was blessed to have good lighting and my equipment cooperate for me (yay!!). And if you’ve followed JY for a while, you’ll probably notice these photos are taken in the same spots (hey, my driveway!) as this post. 😉

Y’all know I love the company ThredUp, and that’s where this dress came from. I don’t usually buy things on Black Friday- but they were having some sales and I’d been eyeing this dress for a while, so I decided to spend some birthday money and get it. (It was not very expensive at all… I just hate spending money, haha.)

The dress is definitely more oversized for a petite girl like me, but I love belting oversized things in to make them just a little bit more form-fitting. 🙂

The belt (Amazon) is ancient, as well as the boots (thrifted), and my earrings were a birthday gift from a friend. ❤

In all honesty, I’ve also waited a while to post outfit photos because I needed to take some time to reevaluate my WHY for sharing outfits.

I realized how I can easily caught up in ‘having the cutest outfit’ and view it like a competition. My heart was trying to shift to the wrong place, and I felt something was off. But here’s the truth I realized:

If my heart is not in the right place, if I’m not glorifying GOD by the way I dress (and I’m stumbling, trying to please man instead of Him)… it needs to change. I need to change.

After a lot of prayer and thought, I came back to this conclusion (from when we originally started JY) on why I love to share outfits:

to glorify Him, and to show young women that dressing modestly doesn’t mean frumpy!

And then I felt this release. Sharing outfits + dressing for Him isn’t a competition. It is supposed to be encouragement to others around me and glorify my Creator.

So, I’m not going to stop sharing outfits! But if you’ve wondered why I was absent for a while on sharing them, it was because I needed to step back and pray & talk to Jesus about it. ❤

Merry Christmas and happy 2021, friends! Thanks for being apart of the JY team in 2020. We love you guys!!!

// hadassah ❤ //

10 thoughts on “Outfit // Simplicity (+ some honesty)

  1. Hannah Haines says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your insights about fashion Hadassah. I really appreciate those thoughts and find them very helpful.
    Well done on this post. You’re so lovely! (And great job shooting the photos yourself!)


  2. Tara says:

    The pictures turned out so well, I never would have known that you had to use a tripod! And the dress is really cute!

    I appreciate your honesty about stepping back and reevaluating. It’s so easy for things to do that in our lives, and not so easy to recognize it, change it, or admit it. 💛


  3. Alissa Ackerman says:

    I love this outfit, and your meaningful reflection about sharing it… It’s so quaint and feminine and pretty…I also love the look and feel of oversized dresses cinched in with a belt!

    We all have a story to tell through our clothes, and i’m glad you’re sharing yours!

    I’m not exactly a modest fashion blogger, but i appreciate what you’re doing… People really do need to know there’s beauty in who they are, not just the skin they do or do not show! You appear to be telling that story very gracefully.

    Continue to shine! I look forward to seeing more posts from you.

    – 💕 Alissa Ackerman | Fashion-Philosophy Blogger at https://StoryBehindTheCloth.com

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