How To // Improve Your Hand-Lettering

Hey everyone!

My last post about hand-lettering was really popular with you all, so I thought I’d share some more tips and things on how to improve that skill and gain inspiration from around you.

If you’ve read my post, you know that I generally use Tombow pens (you can find those here) and I do a LOT of practicing on nearly everything around me. I’m an avid letter writer & journaler, so that is what I do with my practice time, but I also love to make art prints for my mom around the house and little quote cards for friends.


If you’ve read one of my favorite hand-lettering books (it’s such a good one!), you know that fonts, shapes, and lines are really important in hand-lettering to let your eyes fall across the page naturally.

The basic trick to hand-lettering most anything is this: when you move your pen down, you want the lines to be thick. Going up or across, you want them to be thin. That is the most basic tip! πŸ™‚

You can also use arrows or lines (like above, right) to underline important words or even unimportant, smaller words. You’ll want the most important words to be large and loud, while smaller words like “to be” and “of their” can be small and fall in between the large ones.

Shapes, like hearts or flowery vines, can also add a touch of whimsical nature to your pieces, depending on what you are working on. Sometimes I’ll add them in the corner, or in the middle like I did to the word “grace.” If you’re good at little details, some can nail this embellishment to artwork.

And, finally, there are SO MANY fonts out there! You can honestly learn so many with practice! Here’s a bunch for you to pick from. (And no, I can’t pick a favorite πŸ˜‰ … yes, I am indecisive, I know.)


Y’all, I find my inspiration all over the place, but I think the most basic inspiration comes from cards & letters! I love looking at really aesthetic thank-you cards, birthday cards, or even just little words & quotes that people tuck into their letters. A lot of my inspiration comes from a tack-board that I tuck little notes onto in my room. A lot of the time my basic ideas come from piecing similar fonts or colors together.

I also adore looking at Pinterest (who doesn’t?), Instagram, and even other blogs for inspiration. Sometimes I’ll find that just walking in a store and seeing what words catch my eye can give me inspiration for my next project.

Here’s a few things that came from my tack-board… just little notes from friends that make me happy. I love other people’s handwriting- it can always tell me so much about a person. (& check out my friend, Katie’s @thehopecardsproject! I love what she does.)

Old books! Always in an inspiration. 😍 (Thank you, Geneva, for always lending me some! The quote on the left is from an old book that she lent me.)

And here’s a peek into my bullet journal. I keep meaning to do a post about my bullet journaling, but here’s just a page of what my January 2021 will look like. πŸ™‚ I go back and forth on making my headers lower-cased or capitalized, but lately I’ve been loving that lowercased, loopey style.

The easiest way to get good at hand-lettering is to practice often & NOT be afraid of screwing up. And if you really, really don’t like how a word or something just turned out, you can always glue a small piece of paper over it, disguise it with an inky doodle, or just embrace small mistakes. πŸ™‚ I hope this post encouraged you to get your hand-lettering game on! I adore this hobby and it often brings a lot of joy to others around me.

Do you like hand-lettering? (I’d love to hear more tips below!)

// hadassah ❀ //

p.s. My new book came out last week and I’m so excited to share it!! You can find the Kindle & paperback versions here. I’d also love if you guys would share that link with others!

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