How to Create a Peaceful Home Aesthetic

Hello friends!

It has been a minute since I last put my hands to this keyboard to write a blog post. I’m thankful to Hadassah for inviting me to share my voice on the web again, and I hope that I can be of encouragement and inspiration to you all!

Childhood Housekeeper

When Hadassah reached out to ask if I’d be willing to post about how I created my home aesthetic, I was so excited. Throughout my childhood, my favorite activity was playing in my dollhouse, or playing “house” with my friends. My goal was to make everything in those little worlds tidy and beautiful. Now that God has blessed me with my own home to maintain and family to care for, I have found so much joy fulfilling my childhood dream of being a homemaker. 

In my adventures of making a home, I found it so easy to get caught up in the glamour and fun of buying and consuming all the home decor trends and inspiration that came my way a la Pinterest and Instagram. It took me a while to see past the glitter and distractions of the consumer culture, and truly find what makes a home not only beautiful in aesthetic… but more importantly, peaceful. After all, the true purpose to beautifying a home is to make it a haven of comfort and tranquility for its residents and guests.

I have rounded up a few of my top tips that have helped to guide me in developing a peaceful home aesthetic. Let’s dive right in!

Less Is More

Ok, ok… award goes to me for least creativity in the title department. 😉 I know we’ve all heard it a million times… “Less is More”. But maybe one more time might tip you over the edge into the happy camp of minimalists that I find myself in now.

I’ve always been good at decluttering and getting rid of things that didn’t serve me… but I’m also really good at overbuying. Not the best combination, I know. It wasn’t until encountering the strict budget that comes with a newlywed lifestyle that I truly began to understand the cost of things. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather put a hearty meal on the table than have a new picture to hang on my wall.

With what some may view as a negative challenge, I have come to love as a boundary to keep my discontentment in check. As a result, what I do have to decorate and beautify my home has a true purpose and adds value to my home, rather than satisfying my shopping urge for a day.

My biggest tip for not overbuying, especially in the decor department? Ask yourself where specifically you are going to put that item, and if you don’t know, don’t buy it. It’s that simple!

Give Your Mind Space to Breathe

I read this tip in one of my favorite home decor books (Cozy Minimalist Home by Myquillyn Smith) and have never looked back since implementing it. When I first set up house for my husband and me, I was SO excited to fill up every shelf and open surface with pretty vases, artwork, and knick-knacks… but somehow, it just never looked right. It didn’t give me peace. 

So I went to Target and bought whatever caught my eye in the decor section. Still, I was frustrated and discontent, and returned almost everything I had purchased! I went to Pier 1 Imports and bought a few more knick-knacks. Still no success. 

(Did I mention I had an overbuying problem?)

It wasn’t until I read Myquillyn’s book and started to remove all my precious vases and frames from the surfaces in our little home that I finally found the peace I was searching for. I had given my mind space to breathe! Now, I only have a few designated places in my home where I allow extra decor. I try to keep our eating tables, side tables and counters as minimal as possible, with only the necessities like tissue boxes, or a napkin holder.

If you’re worried about your home looking too plain by clearing off the centerpieces and fancy vases, try focusing on textiles: add some cozy throws and pillows to your chairs and couch, and maybe hang up some statement wall pieces instead.

Consistency Creates Calm

Finding a consistent aesthetic or items from a certain style to incorporate throughout your home can go a long way to creating a peaceful flow from room to room. For me, I use lots of plants and baskets, and choose all our main furniture pieces in a black stain. This allows me to have a solid starting-point for adding custom touches to each room.

For example, all our storage in our living room are matching baskets and black-stained cabinets, and I have several plants around the room’s perimeter… To add more character to the room, I hung up unique artwork on the walls, decorated a full bookshelf, and laid out some very cozy throws and pillows on the couch and chairs to help this room stand apart from the rest of the house.

What themes do you see pop out in your home? Do you have consistent love for storage solutions or a certain wood stain? Use that as your starting point.

A Home For Everything

Becoming a minimalist has brought me so much peace about knowing what I own, and knowing that all of it has a purpose. Along with this comes creating a home for every item to live in. All of the toys have their specific baskets, as do our extra blankets, games, and the list goes on. Drawers are organized by category, and I even try to keep my “junk drawer” to only the random necessities that don’t belong anywhere else. Using cheap dollar-store dividers to organize can also go a long way to helping your storage feel less chaotic.

Bottom line: having homes for everything you own is paramount to easy clean-up and more domestic peace. My cortisol levels rise very easily if I see random junk or toys cluttering up tables and floors. By creating specific homes for every item helps insure that tidying up doesn’t become an overwhelming chore, and that I don’t bring in more items than we can store  with mental peace.

Maintaining Peace

Just as with everything in life, a home’s peaceful aesthetic requires maintenance. Creating a habit of decluttering surfaces and storage bins, and always having a purpose behind every picture and pillow goes so far to facilitate a peaceful, happy life within your home.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Leave me a comment on how you maintain beauty and peace in your home.

Talk to you all soon!


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