Growing in Yeshua Designs // Review

Hey you guys!

I’m so excited to share this review with you all today. Caitlyn from Growing in Yeshua Designs reached out to me and asked if I’d review some of her adorable cards and envelopes, so of COURSE I said yes!

I’m an avid letter-writer (as my budget for stamps will tell you 😉 ) and am always looking for unique cards and envelope sets. I was actually eyeing Caitlyn’s designs for a while, so you can imagine how excited I was to hear she wanted to send some for me to review!

Caitlyn’s cards are the perfect size and I love the homemade but still professional look to her designs are! Plus they are the perfect size for either writing a quick note or sending a longer one.

She sent me the Scripture Greeting Card set, which are just perfect and have the cutest hand-lettered Bible verse designs on the front. She also added the most adorable cactus thank-you note! (I mean, how cuter can you get with cactuses??)

I would definitely recommend these cards to anyone and… I just love them so much! 😍 They are made well and are super versatile, and they fit perfectly into the envelopes.

One more thing… a special coupon for you guys!! From February 8th-April 1st, 2021, if you use the coupon JOYFULLYYOU10, you can get 10% off your order at her Etsy shop!

// hadassah s. ❤ //

7 thoughts on “Growing in Yeshua Designs // Review

  1. Caitlyn says:

    Aww, Hadassah, thank you SO much for this sweet review! It was such a blessing to read this the other day and it brightened my day. I’m so glad you love the cards, that makes me so happy to hear!!! Thank you so much again for collaborating! Blessings to you girl ❤

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