The Comfiest Oversized Sweater // Outfit

I’m not usually one to jump on board with trends, and even this one took me a while, lol. I’d been needing some winter clothes since the beginning of this season, so I headed to Goodwill last week with my grandma to see if I could find some new pieces. (One of my goals for 2021 is to thrift 100% of my wardrobe!)

One thing about being more of a minimalist is that sometimes… my closet’s a little bare. I definitely have more of a capsule closet, and sometimes there are blank spots. Soo, that said, I was definitely falling short on sweaters and comfy winter things. I often wear lots of tights and wool socks in the winter, but I was also looking for jeans because they always looked so much warmer.

I loved this sweater as soon as I tried it on. I kept thinking, Wow, no wonder I see so much of the oversized sweater look!!

THEY ARE SO COMFY. This one’s from Hollister and yeah, I’m currently wearing it as I write this post. XD

Y’all know I wear these headbands all the time, but I’ve also been seeing tube headbands on Etsy that look so comfy as well! I always love a good headband. 😉

I was super excited to find two pairs of LulaRoe jeans! Someone had donated a burgundy pair and a black pair of LulaRoe jeans. I love them!!

I’ve worn this camera necklace for years. I love delicate jewelry and am always on the lookout for pieces that mean something to me like this one. I have also been loving the pink eyeshadow (can also be used as blush) from Raw Beauty that I was wearing in this post.

Ohio has gotten so much snow lately and I love that we’re not depressed with the usual gray weather. I’m not ready for spring quite just yet, but give me until just about March 1st, haha.

do you like the oversized sweater look?

// hadassah s. ❤ //

p.s. thanks to my brother for the snowy photos!

16 thoughts on “The Comfiest Oversized Sweater // Outfit

  1. Summer Gazaway says:

    So super cute!!💕 I found a sweater for 3$ at goodwill that had been 25 the other day and I was so excited! The only sad thing about thrifting for me is we have to drive 45 minutes away to our nearest goodwill so it’s rare we get to😢


  2. growinginyeshua101 says:

    GIRL, I’m literally wearing an oversized sweater as I’m typing this! I actually got mine at a thrift store too, and I’d never had an oversized sweater before. It caught my eye and I decided to try it on, even though it’s a size XL. Turns out, it’s comfy and cute! ❤ Your headband and outfit is so cute!!


  3. reindeershermaine says:

    Ok just looking at your wear this makes me feel cozy. I’m so jealous that you have snow where you live :((( I’ve only seen snow like twice in my entire life lmao. Thanks for sharing where you got all this cute stuff 😀


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