Favorite Books of 2021 (So Far!)

It’s no secret I am a huge reader, and this year I have already finished so many good ones! Today I want to share a just a few of my favorites that I read over the past few months.

(And, I always have a hard time finding good books, so I would love love LOVE any recommendations down below in the comments!)

Emma Mae Jenkins’ love for the Lord is soo contagious and I adored her All-Caps You. I loved this one a lot!

A Life of Lovely by Annie F. Downs… she is an incredible writer and hit home with me in several ways! Definitely recommend this one to teen girls. She touches on subjects like body image, day-to-day life, and more.

I honestly can’t believe I hadn’t read this one before now!! Bob Goff’s crazy love for God is so inspiring and he is an amazing person who really loves Jesus with his whole heart. I couldn’t believe some of his crazy stories, but getting into the book made me realize that yeah, they’re all true because he’s Bob Goff! xD This one also most definitely encouraged me to use love as a verb!

Written by a former homeschool student (yes, I’m homeschooled and love it), this novel was a really moving story. It is set in WWII and the main character deals with a lot of pain and hurting. She’s definitely a little bit more dramatic than I am, but it is a good story and I loved the ending.

And that’s about it! I always love finding new reads… *hint hint* *wills you all to leave book suggestions below* 😉

Ohh! We also have a few super exciting things coming soon (a spring photoshoot, anyone?), so stay tuned!!

// hadassah ❤ //

p.s. cover photo by the lovely Summer 🙂

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