A Peek Inside My (Easy Capsule) Wardrobe // Video!

Hey you guys!

I hope you’re not getting completely drowned in this rain like we have been in the Midwest. There’s something so special about rainy days though, isn’t there? I love sitting in with a good book and some tea!

Anywaysss, I have talked a lot about capsule wardrobes (in fact, I’ve even joked about writing a book on wardrobes because of my obsession with them), so I thought it would be neat to do a fun little video on our YouTube channel for you all.

Enjoy! I know it’s not super professional but I had a lot of fun putting it together. And, I’m going to sound like a YouTuber here, subscribe if you haven’t already! 😉

// hadassah ❤ //

p.s. YES, I did get a hair cut! I kinda love it, hehe!

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