Style Dump // All the Yellow

I’m not sure what it is about 2021, but I am seriously loving all the yellow hues going around. Which is kinda funny, considering that I don’t really wear yellow or have it in my wardrobe! But I am seriously reconsidering that. I think yellow is such a cheerful color! Lemons, sunflowers, sunshine… just everything happy and bright and inspiring!

I thought it’d be fun to bring you a ‘style dump’ with all the yellow looks I’ve been loving. 😍

Lemons… on a dress! I love this look from Julia B.!

Her skirt is adorable! I love the button-front skirts. They’re so practical and I love that this one isn’t an awkward length with heels.

These sunshiny earrings are so cheerful and I loveee the contrast!

Isn’t this hair scarf so classy? I just started a new job and I will be definitely looking at things like this to keep the hair out my face. ❤

I’ve yet to own a pair of Birkenstocks, but aren’t these so fun?

Gahh, A Clothes Horse always wins. This dress is so sweet!

I love the pop of color here with her yellow cardi!


& two more happy yellow things! The dotted yellow case is so cheerful! & isn’t the lemon phone case just so fun?

are you a fan of yellow? which was your favorite yellow style/piece?

// hadassah margaret 💛 //

14 thoughts on “Style Dump // All the Yellow

  1. Heaven says:

    Look at ALL THAT YELLOW! What a happy color it is! My sister is super obessed with it right now and kind of wants to convert her wardrobe to all yellow. *laugh emoji* I really like the hair scarf, though! I want to get something like that.


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