7 Fun & Easy Ways To Improve Your Blogging

Hey! Happy June!

I’ve been blogging for almost five years now, and it feels crazy that the time has flown by that fast! I started out blogging on a really simple Blogger website for my photography (you still can find my little corner here!), and loved the feeling of having something to offer to people who want to read it.

We started Joyfully You in 2017 (FOURTH birthday coming up in July… so excited!!) on WordPress, and since then I think I (Hadassah) learn something new about blogging nearly every day. 

There’s a lot of how-to tutorials for bloggers out there… a lot of tips and tricks, but I want to keep it simple and give you some of the easiest ways I’ve learned on how to grow a community of readers, keep ‘em interested, and make your stuff appealing to an audience. If you’re new to the blogging world or just want to freshen up your blogging skills, I’m going to share seven really easy tips on how to improve your blogging and niche. 


Pretty much go with two or three basic colors. Ours are pink, black, and white. Because we’re a blog for young women and our blog posts are generally written for all you ladies, we chose pink as the contrasting color to those two neutrals.

Ditch repeating background patterns or crazy neon colors. Keep it simple with a white background, then edit the color of your sidebar, headers, etc. Don’t have too many things pasted all over. Keep it basic and easy to navigate, and have an overall theme to your website. (I.E., if you’re a gardener, put some flowery doodles in the corner. If you’re a baker, put little baking puns hidden around your website!) Pick a simple font for everything. Avoid cursive and loopy fonts, as well as the ones that are hard to read. Make sure all links work properly. 


We still do use stock photos sometimes, but we try not to grab all our photos off the internet. Honestly, I love when people do their own stock photos. It’s not as hard as it looks! Even editing on basic iPhone photos make for great things to stick in between paragraphs on a post. The easiest way to get away from stock photos is to come up with your own creative themes. 🙂


Post at least every week and you’ll gain an audience. We don’t have a schedule for our posting, but generally you’ll see at least one to two new posts here on JY per week. If people like what they see, they’ll subscribe and continue to return. (And no, we are absolutely not professionals at this! We get busy and then our posts are more than just a week apart!)


Something my mom taught me when I first started blogging was to not apologize for being busy and not writing or posting, etc. She said that people KNOW life’s busy. No one’s holding a grudge against you for not getting a post up when your life is crazy! (Unless you promised an exciting announcement or something, and weeks went by. Then you can apologize, but don’t overdo it.)


Say ‘thanks’ or respond to that question! Readers love being responded to, and it’ll help others comment and be more engaged in your website. Always respond to a question!


Having trouble gaining any kind of readership? Comment on other blogs and link your website below your name. I have found so many great blogs THROUGH other blogs! Of course, if you’re on any kind of social media, you can share your posts. We get a lot of reads through Bloglovin’, Pinterest, and we have followers on Instagram as well. (Also, side note, if you love making videos, maybe vlogging is more your thing!)


Patience! We didn’t gain 300+ followers in a month, though it’d be pretty awesome if you could accomplish that feat. I will say, it’s pretty neat to see your stats increase over time. I do a happy dance whenever we reach 1k or 2k views for the month, haha! It’s just a bit of encouragement and sunshine in our day. ☀️ Edit your blog until you love it (and I always end up tweaking stuff every once in a while), share it with friends and family (I love the friends who share with their friends. That’s an easy way of marketing!), and have fun!

Blogging is so fun and I adore it. It combines my love of… haha, nearly all of my hobbies! I love writing and photography, and I admire creativity and making things with my hands. I love talking about Jesus, sharing little pieces of my life, and just LIVING in the beautiful world God gave us. And truth to be told, other people will enjoy reading about it! That’s the inspiring part. 😉 


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