Podcast Episode #1: Body Image & Confidence

Today’s the day!! Our first episode is out on Spotify and we couldn’t be more excited. 🤩

Our first episode touches on body image and confidence, and I (Hadassah) and Savannah had a lot of fun creating this one. We’ll be discussing everything from outward appearance to how God looks at the heart and how our image shouldn’t be based on what others think of us.

So, give it a listen & let us know what you think! Honestly we’re still kinda crazed that you can listen to our voices on Spotify, lol. But, we’re already looking forward to making more episodes this year!


4 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #1: Body Image & Confidence

  1. scrappernana says:

    I just listened to the premier episode of the Joyfully You podcast! Well done, ladies! You have shared encouragement and useful information, focusing on the Biblical truth of God’s view of his creation—us! This no-longer-young lady (and grateful for the gift of long life) is looking forward to more!

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