Outfit // Pink Culottes At The Park

Hey guys!

June has been such a busy month for me, but such a wonderful blessed one as well. My grandma was out of town at the beginning of June and missed her birthday party with our family, soo we decided to celebrate a little late at a nearby park.

We had a wonderful picnic and the weather was GORGEOUS. I decided to take some outfit photos because I’ve been wearing these pink culottes so much lately and loving them!

I’d been looking on ThredUp for a while for the perfect pair of loose culottes that I could wear comfortably around the house- and would be light enough material so I wouldn’t sweat during our Ohio summers. I found these and ordered them on a whim… and I love them!

I also wanted to note my white tee. It is SO hard to find a good white tee… not too thin and sheer and it has to be the perfect comfy material, you know? 😉 I got a pack of two tees off Amazon last year (it is ridiculously hard to find a white tee while thrifting), and I really love the material that they’re made of.

My Ohio hat came from a friend, and my shoes are also off of Amazon which I’ve worn for quite a while and still are holding up for me!

I will say that it’s not easy to style culottes- they’re loose pants that almost look like a skirt, so it’s hard to balance the bottom and top, but definitely remember to tuck in your tee! It gives it a more polished look 😉 Also find shoes with a heel; that will give your legs more length.

have you ever tried culottes?

// hadassah margaret ❤ //

p.s. thanks to my little sis for the photos! And, if you want to try ThredUp, you can sign up with my link HERE and you get a $10 credit to shop!

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