Podcast Episode #2: Making New Friends & Maintaining Friendships


Our July podcast episode is a tad late (hehe crazy summer life), but I am so excited to talk about friendships and touch on both making new friends & how to maintain friendships! Especially through crazy seasons of life. Sometimes it’s easy to get disconnected from friends, so I wanted to share some tips on reconnection and finding those points to touch base again.

If you’re the ‘new girl’ at your church or because you moved or whatever, it’s also SO easy to feel a little lost… in this month’s episode, I talk a bit about how to talk to new people and find your ‘group!’ ❤

You can find our podcast here:

As always, thank you so much for listening and following along! If you’re not on Spotify, we are still trying to get a way for y’all to listen on an audio player… our site doesn’t currently support the audio that we use, so hopefully… eventually we’ll get there!! #technicaldifficulties 😫

happy listening!!

// hadassah margaret //

p.s. as I mentioned in the episode, it’s just me for July, but *prayerfully* Senait and I will be together for August’s episode! Stay tuned 😉

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