Style Dump // Comfy Sweaters & Terra Cotta

Someone please tell me I’m not alone in wanting autumn already. It’s mid-August and I am already so excited for pumpkins and sweater weather!!!

I’m already dreaming about comfy sweaters and layers and everything to do with fall. It’s my absolute favorite season (as you probably guessed) and today I’m just going to go ahead and give y’all a style dump of what I’ve been adoring lately. πŸ‚ (source for above)

I don’t know if these colors count for ‘terra cotta’ per se, but there are various hues of yellow and brown. *heart eyes*

*ever since wearing a beret in a French WWII musical, I’ve adored the look!* 😍

*I just love her boots!*

Okay, so now you might be mad at me because I’ve put you in an autumn mood. But it’s coming, you guys! And I’m so ready for it. ✨

favorite look? what’s your favorite style for autumn?

// hadassah margaret //

11 thoughts on “Style Dump // Comfy Sweaters & Terra Cotta

  1. Amber says:

    Fall is my favorite season as well!! I love all the vibrant warm colors, and the cozy sweaters!! πŸ₯°
    I also love to do photography in the fall; it’s just too beautiful not to!

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