Style Dump // A Casual & Comfy Thanksgiving

Happy November!

It seems crazy to say that the holidays are just around the corner (yes, I turned on the radio this morning to hear Christmas music!!), but they’ll be here before we know it and I am beyond excited to celebrate them! And with the holidays comes lots of dressing up.

Maybe your Thanksgiving is more comfy than casual, but however you’re celebrating this year, here are some fun ideas on how to dress for the occasion. (I love the linen top above!)

Apparently, I’m in a linen mood. But I love the white/gray together. 😍

I’ve probably shared a lot of her outfits… but I love love love the black with the autumn tones. And comfy sweaters are a must during Thanksgiving!

Roolee always has the cutest stuff! But here’s a fun outfit if you want a cozy/casual option.

I love the orange + jean jacket… ❤

Ugh I love these 😍

These are perfect ✨

So what’s your go-to Thanksgiving style? We might all end up in pjs by 5pm (because hey, elastic waistbands are everything!), but at least we can start off the day in something cute and casual!

// hadassah margaret //

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