Style Dump // Winter Layers

Heyyy guys!

I love doing style dumps and wanted to share with you all some of my favs lately. I’ve been into all the layers that the midwest brings- layers are essential when the weather is weirdly warm one day and snowing the next. 😂

(here’s the link for that jacket)

A similar jacket, but I love the thick sweater ++ beanie as well :))

I love the bag. And the hat. And I realized recently that I kinda want to just travel the world after I graduate… is that a good goal? 😂

I know winter is for beanies & mittens but I love this baseball cap look!

I’ve been wearing a lot of cardigans over sundresses this winter. I think if you style it right it works perfectly :))

Just the classic Adidas :)) I’ve been loving minimalistic styles like this lately!

what are some pieces you’ve been loving this winter?

-hadassah margaret-

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