Podcast Episode #5: Peer Pressure & Saying No To Comparison

Hey guys!

We’re so excited for the fifth episode of the JY podcast for December! Caroline is in the studio with me for this episode, where we’re talking all things peer pressure, comparison, and finding our God-confidence. It is soooo easy to compare and find ourselves on an up and down journey of emotions. How do we not care what others are thinking about us? What about peer pressure?

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably felt the pressure to be skinnier, get better grades, act a certain way, have a boyfriend, know what college you’re headed to, etc. etc. The list goes on forever. We can easily look over at someone and immediately wonder, “Oh my word, what are they thinking about me? My shoes are awful compared to hers!”

It’s really easy to dress a certain way to be liked. Talk a certain way to fit in. Even just BE someone else because we wanted to be appreciated and affirmed.

Sooo today we wanted to be encouraging and cover some of this! It’s a lot and there’s a lot more we could say, but I think we talk about some good stuff, y’all. 😉 Hopefully not too much rambling or laughing, but when we get together… 😂 Enjoy!!

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