Favs Lately! // Organizers, Beauty, & Other Things

Welcome to 2022!!

I’m so excited for this year and all that it will bring. I wanted to kick off the year with a round-up of a bunch of things I’ve been loving!! I do this every once in a while and thought it was high time I did another one. :))

The book above (Press Pause by Axel & Ash) was a new year’s present to me, haha. I just finished a 3-year journal and saw this one at the place I work. I got it on a whim and love it so much. Of course, I just started, but it really is a good way to press pause on life and relax with questions about life currently. Definitely recommend!

I love this weekly to-do from Ruff House! It has been super helpful to jot down things that I need to get done every day. I flip open a fresh page every Monday or Sunday evening.

I do appreciate colorful journals, but apparently, I like the neutral tones as well. 😂 As an avid journaler I go through pens and paper often, but this journal has been one of my favs! It’s not too expensive and has a lot of pages. And it’s simple and minimalistic.


It does feel funny to be sharing my favorite shampoo, but I have tried **so many** things on my hair. Shampoo bars, no-poo, just the Costco stuff… eep. My hair’s been through a lot. I saw @tayruths share this shampoo and swear by it. It is a little pricy BUT it is so worth it. Especially for the winter scalp, this stuff is incredible.

It does feel funny to be sharing my favorite deo, but I wanted to share because this stuff is natural, eco-friendly, and lasts forever. When I first tried it out I was wary because it does take a while to get used to. But the smells are amazing and my body’s so adjusted to it I can go a day without wearing any deo and still smell fine!!

I always love a good EOS lip balm… mint‘s been my go-to favorite lately. 😍 (also for those who are eco-minded, you can recycle the containers with a special program- bonusss!)


Ordered these scrunchies as last-minute Christmas gifts for a few friends… do I love them and now want my own? YES. They are super fun and durable!

Another gift I gave during the holiday season… but it’s glass & has a bamboo lid! Eco-friendly and cute as anything. (Yesss… I want one too. I tend to give gifts that I love as well, haha).

A LIST OF SONGS I’VE BEEN LOVING (because, why not?)

  1. Breakeven by Jennifer Owens (a cover)
  2. By My Side by The Paper Kites
  3. without you with me by Matt Hansen
  4. Brighter Days by Blessing Offor
  5. Constellations by Ellie Holcomb
  6. Endless Alleluia by Cory Asbury
  7. Older by Alec Benjamin
  8. Roses are Red by Jon Caryl
  9. This Wild Earth by Young Oceans
and this cover of Yellow… eep

Ok, I should wrap things up… but let me know below, what are your favorites lately? They can be totallyyyy random, but I’d love to see ’em!

// hadassah margaret //

p.s. and a bonus highlight reel of my 2021!!! (definitely a highlight reel- doesn’t show the messy parts of my year. But God is so good and I’m so ready for 2022! …as I definitely mentioned…)

8 thoughts on “Favs Lately! // Organizers, Beauty, & Other Things

  1. Rebekah Taylor says:

    I love this list! I have been working on a daily journal since 2019 🙃 it was suppose to last one year and I’m not even half way. I am horrible with journals. Love your list! So many cute and eco friendly products!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. horsehappy14 says:

    Aw! I loved seeing this! I’m attempting to get back into journaling. I love it so much, but I never remember that until I write again. 😂😂 Sometimes I go months without journaling, and then I randomly pick up my journal and write in it, and I’m like, oh yeah, I really enjoy this.
    I’ve wanted to try an EOS lip balm, but I never have.
    Lol I can imagine it felt weird sharing your fav deodorant… shampoo I find less strange to share, but maybe that’s because I like to read hair blogs.
    This was an awesome post to see! Great job with the photos!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Clare Martha Thérèse says:

    Question about the shampoo: I have a sensitive scalp that is extremely prone to dandruff. But I also have thinner hair so it gets oily relatively fast. I am curious what type of hair/scalp you have and whether you think the shampoo you recommended would be worth trying?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hadassah S. says:

      Same!! I have a scalp that is extremely dry. But if I don’t wash it every other day, it gets oily. This shampoo has been amazing because my dry skin has cleared up about 85% and my oily strands have stopped being so annoying!

      Liked by 1 person

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