How To Reevaluate Your Style (And Try New Things!!)

I saw a thing yesterday that said “January was a long year, but we made it,” and wowww I felt that. 😂 Not to say my month was a bad one, but January always has a lot of December leftover in it and I am ready to hit refresh for February, lol.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my style for 2022 (which is a natural occurrence that happens around the new year, it seems), and all the things I want to try this year. I have felt more willing to go out of my comfort zone recently & even just thrifted some bright colors (yellows and even *whoa* orange 😂 ). Lately, I’ve been reevaluating my wardrobe for spring and thought it’d be fun to touch on this in a post for y’all!

Ok. I say “reevaluate” but it can mean a lot of different things for different people. Here’s what I do:

Whenever I’m “reevaluating” my style, I typically go through these types of questions:

  1. does my wardrobe right now make me happy?
  2. what pieces do I not wear? why?
  3. what’s a style that I’ve been thinking about recently? do I want to try this style for myself or do I just appreciate it on someone else?
  4. what colors have I most worn in the past two weeks? the past month?
  5. what’s on repeat? why do I wear these pieces the most?

These questions help me figure out how I want to wear my clothes for the next season or next year. It might sound complicated, but it helps to add more joy to my day (yes clothes bring me joy :)) and makes shopping easier down the road.

Pretty much, I see what has changed and what has not with my style. I can honestly say my style’s changed from a year ago and definitely from two or three years ago!

There are trends constantly coming and going- – but in my quest to find my own style, I’ve discovered that even though I can branch out and try something new, I will always have my own take on it.

Once you do know your style (which I talk about here if you want some help in that area), it’s fun to “reevaluate” it every once in a while + add the new pieces to your wardrobe!

Sometimes I get stuck in the ruts of wearing the same things over and over again- especially if it’s cozy and comfy. But I think there are so many styles out there that I could easily try if I wanted to. It’s just… how do I go about it?


  1. try them out in the dressing room! (this is the easiest way to see if you’ll love them)
  2. get another’s opinion on your outfit or send a photo to your bestie ;))
  3. try a style you don’t normally wear for one day & see what you feel about at the end of the day
  4. gather all the images of styles you’ve been wanting to try on a Pinterest board & just pick one!!

Recently I’ve been loving bold, bright colors. I just bit the bullet and bought a pair of orange-creamsicle-colored jeans. I would not have a year ago, but reevaluating my style helped me see that brighter colors are my go-to right now. And I totally just picked a random Pinterest picture and went with it. It’s good to try new things!!

what are some pieces you’ve been wanting to try lately? do you ever reevaluate your style?

// hadassah margaret //

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