Style Dump // Spring is Coming (!!)

Yes, I’m the girl who wears florals in January and sundresses under sweaters and doesn’t really care because she’s **so** excited for spring!!

I’ve been loving so many looks lately and have been drawn towards brighter colors and bolder patterns, yet still loving the neutral, minimalistic look as well. I guess I’m somewhere in the middle. 😉

Here’s my style dump for spring ’22!!

(source for above)

Not sure when jumpsuits will be out of fashion, but I’m here for them until they’re gone, lol. Always super comfy and this one from Cori is pretty and classic.


Loving baseball caps lately- the only thing is sometimes my hair is hard to style with them XD

The simplicity I was talking about- I love the contrast of this outfit!

And ba-ack to jumpsuits again- but I’m not mad about it! 😍 (look from MCO)

Stillll obsessed with yellow… what’s new? (from aerie)

Just love the relaxed yet chic look! (here)

Again, yellow, but classic! I love the embroidered denim SO much :)) (here)

I love these simple worded pieces… here’s the link to the necklace and the ring.

I know spring is not for a little while, but it’s coming! Hang in there a little longer and the warmer weather will come before we know it!

what’s your favorite piece from this style dump?

// hadassah margaret //

p.s. I just launched some hand-lettered (with my own font- whaaaat) pieces over in my fam’s Etsy shop! I’d love for you guys to check them out. Find them here!

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