Come Thrift With Me! (March Edition) + How To Tuck In/Style Your Tops

I always think it’s so funny whenever I share these photos from thrifting trips… because I end up coming home with none or very little of it. xD

This trip was unsuccessful but I did try on some cute stuff! So I thought I’d share anyway. 🙂

The leopard-print jeans were cute but didn’t fit well.

Pink acid wash jeans- my mom said straight out of 1987, but I thought they were cool. XD Didn’t end up with those either.

A cute striped skirt but I didn’t enjoy the fit.

A floral skirt from Old Navy- loved it but I just didn’t LOVE it. I have had a rule lately where if I’m not obsessed with it, it won’t come home with me. I guess it keeps my wardrobe manageable. 😂

Always a jumpsuit! This one was supercomfy but the fit was off just a little bit.

I just posted this (very vintagey, haha) reel today after some inspiration from a comment from one of you! Someone asked if I could show how I tuck my tops, so I added some more inspiration for dealing with the extra length on tops. Enjoy!! ;))

what was your favorite piece that you would’ve taken home?

// hadassah margaret //

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