Spring Bedroom Refresh // Inspiration

Guyssss spring is here and it makes me so happy :))

I’ve wanted to update my little bedroom forever and ever, so as I was pulling some Pinterest + Etsy inspiration together, I thought it would be super fun to show you all some pretty things I found!! I’m in such redesign/let’s watch Joanna Gaines/refresh my wardrobe/paint my nails mood. Lol. It’s a whole mood, you guys.

Acckk I love this cute dish from sweetwaterdecor on Etsy!

Also this one… it’s mini and so neutral and perfect.

A sweet little print. I have been loving anything peach/coral/orange lately, which is definitely new for me but I don’t mind it!

What do y’all think about polaroid/art walls? I wish I had walls that could work for this, but there are so many Etsy packs and I’d love to do it one day!! (by tezza)

Ok right now, my room’s so small I don’t have any room for a bookshelf, but I am looking for something mini to fit my books in. I just love the color scheme of this photo ++ that record player is pure magic!! I have one in my room and it is the best gift I’ve ever received.

Becauseee how pretty are these planters?? They come in every color. 😍

oh happy day… I just love how cheerful that little sign is from the Etsy shop MapleOranges!

And then back to the sweet neutral tones… ✨ (from kate la vie)

Another sweet print from JollyHollysDesigns!

And a pretty one from TheColorFlow. ✨

You cannottt go wrong with yellow, right??

After looking through this post, I realized I have a huge boho/desert vibe going on here, haha. This mirror is very boho but I love it!

what was your favorite piece?

// hadassah margaret //

4 thoughts on “Spring Bedroom Refresh // Inspiration

  1. makaylajesalyn says:

    I thought that the “grace upon grace” print was super cute! Same here with the love of peach/coral/orange! XD Plus, what is not to love about the rich dark pink tones of the polaroid wall look?! LOL, loved this post!

    Liked by 1 person

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