Saying Goodbye to Joyfully You

You guys.

This is such a hard post to write.

Joyfully You has been such an amazing thing. But all of us are changing, growing… becoming ourselves, and it just hasn’t been the same blog as we knew it a few years ago. You’ve probably noticed how quiet we’ve become in the past year or so, especially these past few months.

If you were around in the beginning, you remember that we had Geneva, Charlotte, and Karina, who have all now moved on from JY due to happy life changes 🙂

But this year, it seems we’re all going in different directions. Honor is getting married in July… Savannah is graduating high school and going to college… Caroline is graduating high school and going to college out of state… Magaidh just got engaged and will be married at some point in the near future! Summer is graduating and off to college. Julianne and Senait are continuing college studies, Claire is heading into her senior year, and I (Hadassah) am graduating high school as well and ‘spreading my wings.’

We’re all sad but we’re excited to see where our lives will go. It has been such a grand adventure and such a blessing to have all of you in our lives through this small community.

Y’all are the BEST. It was a hard decision to come to… but God’s got us! His plans for each of our lives are amazing.

If you still want to see me online, I just started my own personal blog so if you’d like to follow along, you can find that here at sassy & sunny! Or Caroline’s cute blog over here!! You can also follow most of us on Instagram @honor_christine, @caroline.annaliese, @maggie.mae.official, @juliannekidd8, @aclassyduo, @hadassahmargaret, && @senaitelizabeth.

We will miss sharing on here!! Thank you for many years of JY!!


20 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Joyfully You

  1. Caroline K. says:

    Joyfully You has been such a special part of my growing up. Thank you for all you did surrounding JY Dassah ♥️

    And thank YOU for following along and reading our posts 🙂 I’ll miss you guys! I can’t believe how many people actually followed our little journey here on this blog.

    Feel free to follow me on my blog or insta 🙂

    Love you all and best wishes!

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  2. Summer Gazaway says:

    Aww💛💛💛 bittersweet. I know I haven’t got to be active regularly but I’m grateful that this allowed me to meet a sweet group of Jesus loving girls. I love y’all and am praying for each of you as you embrace the new seasons of life.

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  3. Faith says:

    I know I haven’t commented very much here, but I have enjoyed reading some of your all’s posts. I just wanted to thank you all for encouraging us girls to live life for Christ! 🙂

    Praying for you all as you step into this new season of life, and experience all the new adventures God has for you! God bless! ❤

    P.S. Will you still be leaving this blog and its posts up?

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  4. Heaven says:

    I literally almost screamed when I saw this. I’m so sad! 😭 But I know that this is all for the best. God has amazing things in store for all of you and there’s SO much He has left for you to do for His kingdom. This blog has been an absolute blessing to me and I’m so grateful for you all’s encouragement! To God be the glory. ❤

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