About Us

Hey hey!

We are a team of Christian girls wanting to inspire you!

We are (from left to right starting at the top)… CAROLINE, JULIANNE, SAVANNAH, SUMMER, MAGAIDH, HONOR, CLAIRE, HADASSAH, & SENAIT.

just a little bit about us…

CAROLINE: I love horses, ballet, photography, hand lettering, and pretty much anything beauty/modest fashion related. I play the piano and ukulele. I also am passionate about living healthy. I also love to eat and get especially excited when healthy, delicious foods are being served. I have an extreme sweet tooth, especially with anything chocolaty. I LOVE very dark chocolate. A lot. Lastly, and most importantly, I love Jesus, my Savior. Two of my favorite verses are Jeremiah 29: 11 and Psalm 139: 14.

JULIANNE: I’m a Christian young woman who loves to read, play the piano, explore nature, craft, and style hair. I love being a part of the team on JY, and I have five siblings, including Caroline! Currently I am attending college at Patrick Henry in Virginia.

SAVANNAH: I love everything creative: writing poems and stories, cooking, crocheting, and even hairdressing! Although I adore the outside world with its swimming, hiking, sports, and animals, the inside world with its reading, ballet, and theater also captivate my imagination. One of my favorite Bible verses is Philippians 4:4.

MAGAIDH: I am a 21-year-old Christian musician. I play/teach violin, viola, and voice and I love my job! In my spare time, I love swing dancing, reading, composing music, and hanging out with friends! (my name is pronounced Maggie 😉 )

SUMMER: I am a Georgian girl with a heart for Jesus, playing the ukulele, reading, writing, modest fashion, spending time with family, and I love a good cup of coffee! I’m always up to adventure and traveling, and adore my Buddy, a golden retriever. You can find me on the ‘gram at @aclassyduo & @the_modest_trio ❤

HONOR: I’m JY’s fashion consultant and jack-of-all-trades. I enjoy reading, writing, and being with people. I am also appreciative of the merits of chocolate. 😉 My hobbies include stargazing, sipping hot cocoa, reading aloud Shakespeare, and I enjoy the company of good friends.

CLAIRE: I am an Alabama (native Ohioan) girl with a heart for crafting, going to the beach, animals, and friends; I have three siblings and I love adventure, ballet, and spending time with gal pals. I’m often behind the scenes of JY, helping the team members out.

HADASSAH: I am a daughter of the King who loves the seasons. I also adore writing, blogging, photography, thrifting, hand-lettering, babies, and pretty much anything to do with fall leaves or spring flowers. You can always find me listening to music (country or pretty much anything), playing the violin, or making happy mail- my camera strung around my neck and flowers in my hair. Isaiah 26:4

SENAIT: I am a lover of photography, flowers, and pretty much any form of art! In my free time you can find me trying out a new hairstyle, messing with makeup, or reading a good book with a hot cup of tea.  Most importantly I am a lover of Jesus Christ. He is my Savior and friend and I truly hope to model Him in everything I do! One of my favorite Bible verses is Galatians 2:20. Currently, I attend Cedarville University in Ohio.