How I Study My Bible + tips for reading it || Encouragement With Summer

I often hear people talking about how they don't understand how to read the Bible or sometimes they just don't want to. When I first posted at the beginning of January about starting a new series EWS (Encouragement With Summer), someone requested that I do a post about how I study my Bible. Although I … Continue reading How I Study My Bible + tips for reading it || Encouragement With Summer

My Strength

I absolutely loved this example my pen pal, Amie, wrote! It is the perfect example of how some days are just hard, and we don’t even want to get out of bed- but then we read our Bible and learn that if we would’ve have just went to Him in the first place, He would’ve given us strength! 💛 He is the the best source of Strength and the first one I run to when I’m having a hard day. I encourage you to do the same. So today, if you’re having a hard day, open up your Bible and spend some quiet time with Him.


The bed was so warm.  She pulled the blanket tighter, willing the time to stay still.  Please, no.  Not another day, not another day to trudge through.  She waited expectantly for her mom to come into the room and wake her up.  Yes, she did have school and work today, but if only today would wait.


“Hally, time to rise and shine!” her mom’s voice rang out.  Hally slunk farther under her covers.  No, she was not getting up.  No, today did not have to come.  “You need to get up, dear!” Hally felt her mother standing over her.

The cover was pulled off of Hally, and her mom’s wide awake face was looking down at her.  “Get up, dear.”

“Please, let me sleep until eight,” Hally mumbled, trying to pull the covers over her head again.  “It’s cold.”

“Nope, you need to get up and start school.  You have…

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